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Anthony Robbins

Thursday, 10 April 2014

My Dream Sweet Sixteen

I know, I know. Two posts in one day, I'm getting a little bit excited here! x

Every girl dreams of the perfect Sweet Sixteen, well almost every girl. I am not going to lie; I am one of those girls. My birthday is in December which means that my friend’s birthdays are before mine so they have already started thinking about their own Sweet Sixteen. This of course has made me start thinking. After long hours (not literally) spent thinking about it, I think I have finally come up the perfect Sweet Sixteen. So I have decided to help you come up with your perfect Sweet Sixteen. 

 How to Plan the Perfect Sweet Sixteen

1.       First things first, you need a budget! Talk to your parents about how much you can really spend for this memorable night. It’s always good to remember that more money doesn’t necessarily make it more fun.
2.       Once the budget is decided, you need a theme! What is a great party without a great theme? Here are a list of great themes that helped me decide mine;
·         Traditional Sweet Sixteen at a venue
·         Hawaiian Luau
·         Tropical
·         Pool party
·         Scavenger Hunt
·         Lake Party
·         Dress to Impress
·         Fairytale  Sweet Sixteen
·         Hollywood Sweet Sixteen
·         Masquerade
·         Pretty in Pink
·         Red Carpet
·         Under the stars
3.       Location wise, you’ll have to find a popular place to have it that suits both the theme and the budget.
4.       Invitations are an essential part, and must support your theme. Send your invites out at least a month before the party.
5.       Come up with a plan to keep your guests entertained! Like dancing, great food, a DJ and a photo booth
6.       And lastly, enjoy yourself!

What’s my Dream Sweet Sixteen? I am planning to have a Masquerade party mixed with a Night under the Stars! Like the traditional Masquerade Ball but personalising it to my own. I will be having masks and disguises; no one will know who anyone is. The party will not be at a venue, but in my backyard, under the summer night stars with outside surrounded by garden and fairy lights. I hope to have a DJ, dancing all night, a bonfire (I know, I know, a little odd for a masquerade but like I said, I am personalising it to my own) and a photo booth!

So tell me, what’s your perfect Sweet Sixteen?

Chantelly x

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