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Friday, 11 April 2014


Hello everybody! Today I have decided to be a bit courageous and post my first short story for my blog. I would love to hear what you guys think about it. I am going to be doing this a lot often on this blog, so feedback would be excellent! I will not bite you head off for giving your honest opinion, I will be actually grateful. Anyway, here is my short story. I hope you enjoy it! 

Happy Reading


It’s hard loosing someone you thought you’d spend the rest of your life with. Especially when their illness was slowly killing them and all you could do was watch. I still remember the first time I met him. I was visiting my sister who had moved to Lepena a few years ago. She was hosting a lunch, and he just happened to be there. He was very close friends with her partner.
I was scanning the room to try and find a familiar face when I saw his looking straight at me from across the room. I was mesmerised. His sea blue eyes standing out from his pale skin, and dark hair. He got up and walked towards me. There was something about his walk that caught me off guard; he had a slight limp.
“Noah,” he had introduced himself, holding an outstretched hand.
“Aaliyah,” I said, placing my hand in his.
“Aaliyah,” he copied, as if testing the way it sounded. It was then I knew I was locked; I had fallen in love with this stranger.

Noah had somehow convinced me to run away from my sister’s house with him. I didn’t know where he was going to take me; all I knew was that I wanted to be with him. I don’t know what would have happened that night if it wasn’t Noah; I was crazy to trust him. But I’m glad I did. He took me to Lepena Waterfall. It was absolutely beautiful. The clear water that fell from the top hit the river, pooling out. The mossy trees surrounding the mountain made it look like I was in a painting. I felt like I was in a painting.  We spent the rest of the day there, and most of the night. We sat on the edge of the river dabbing our toes in the water and laughed. That’s one thing I loved most about Noah, we could just laugh at each other and nothing else mattered. Our silences were always comfortable; there was never an awkward moment.

That waterfall had become a very big part of Noah and I. It was where he had proposed to me, and where our wedding was held. We married quite young, I was only 19. Noah had actually walked me down the long road, over the rocks to the only piece of grass where our ceremony was held. The arch was made of vines with large white roses, the green tress behind capturing the true complexion. My dress reached just above my feet, falling down my body like the waterfall across the river. My blonde hair flowed down freely, just how Noah liked it. Noah, who was standing across from me, truly was my prince. Every year since that magical day Noah and I went to the waterfall on our anniversary. It truly was our sanctuary.

Noah was diagnosed with Soft Tissue Sarcoma two years after our marriage. He was slowly dying, but my Noah was a fighter. He grew very weak, and yet all I could do was sit back and watch. It was hard for him to continue visiting the waterfall every year, but he insisted. He told me that his love for me is where he got all of his strength to live on. And so he did, he lived on for as long as he could. And I never stopped loving him. From the moment he first said my name, to the moment he drew his last breath two days ago, to now as I stand before where I had him laid. At the waterfall.

“Noah, I have never loved someone as much I love you. And I never will. We talked like lovers, and laughed like best friends,” tears started to flow down my face. I rested my hand on my stomach where a new life was beginning. “My only regret my prince, was that I was too late. I was too late to tell you that you are a daddy. And I will live on and raise your baby as if you are standing here next to me right now.”

Chantelly x

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